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Nonwovens with filtration properties

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Nonwovens with filtration properties

The nonwovens produced by our company are widely used in filtration processes. Nonwovens with filtration properties constitute a barrier to contaminants. Depending on the needs, they can be used for air, water, or oil filtration. Polypropylene nonwovens are combined with other types of nonwovens, for example, meltblown or needled nonwovens, to achieve better filtration parameters. We offer polypropylene nonwovens with a hydrophilic finish, available in various area densities, widths, and yarn packings.

Example configurations of width and yarn packings of nonwovens with filtration properties:


550 x 250

1040 x 250


650 x 250

1000 x 250

650 X 450

1040 X 250

We also make other roll widths and beams, tailored to the individual needs of the customer.