Maski medyczne 3 warstwowe einmed - producent

We are the largest manufacturer of three-layer medical masks in Poland.
We have twenty years of experience.

Our daily production capacity is about 1 million masks.

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einmed - manufacturer of unwoven fabric and mattress covers.

Innovation, experience, creativity, RELIABILITY

Non-woven fabric

Our company belongs to a group of the greatest manufacturers of non-woven fabric in Poland. We offer polyester non-woven fabric and spunbond polypropylene non-woven fabric.


Mattress covers

We also manufacture mattress covers under our own brand and under the customer's brand (OM)



With the aim to meet the market demands and our customers' expectations, our company has expanded its spectrum of activities to include provision of services.


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Einmed was established in 2008. After its establishment, the company dealt with distributing disposable non-woven fabric medical wear for wholesale and retail customers, hospitals, medical institutions, and state institutions. A foreign and domestic sales network, the market demand and positive relations with the customers resulted in the company development. The offered assortment was expanded by polypropylene, polyester non-woven fabric and filling materials.

Einmed delivers to their domestic and foreign customers more than 100 tons of non-woven fabric every month. The next stage of the company development was launching production of mattress covers.

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