Maski medyczne 3 warstwowe einmed - producent

We are the largest manufacturer of three-layer medical masks in Poland.
We have twenty years of experience.

Our daily production capacity is about 1 million masks.

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With the aim to meet the market demands and our customers' expectations, our company has expanded its spectrum of activities to include provision of services.

We offer the following services:

  • quilting

We quilt all kinds of knitted fabric, not only in mattresses. During quilting, we use materials delivered to us by the customers, as well as our own materials. We offer thread and ultrasonic quilting in the width of 160cm - 250cm. It will be an important fact for customers from the mattress industry that we offer chain stich quilting.

  • sewing
  • packing, cutting
  • winding (not only non-woven fabric, but all kinds of materials)

On the basis of the modern machinery, qualified and experienced employees, high quality materials, we can guarantee not only sound preparation, but also prompt completion of orders. We have been cooperating with both Polish, and foreign recipients already for a few years now and their group is still successively getting bigger.

made by:

ul. Konstantynowska 62/70
95-100 Zgierz

tel: +48 600 901 841