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We are the largest manufacturer of three-layer medical masks in Poland.
We have twenty years of experience.

Our daily production capacity is about 1 million masks.

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Mattress covers

Everyone knows the importance of a good mattress for healthy sleep, but only a few people know the importance of the cover. Actually, the mattress without an adequate cover is useless. A high quality cover improves sleeping comfort provided by a properly selected mattress even more.

Our Company, apart from delivering non-woven fabric to companies which manufacture mattresses, also manufactures and distributes the mattress covers itself. We manufacture under own brand, and also under the customer's brand - the so-called OM Service. Now, we manufacture more than 15 thousand pieces a month. We manufacture according to specification which we receive from the customers, and also offer own, original proposals. Materials which are used by us are of the highest quality. Our products are characterised by precision and aesthetic production quality.

We use materials which not only provide high aesthetic qualities, but also have a number of other functions (anti-bacterial, optimal discharge of moisture, etc.) in order to meet our customers' needs.

Materials used:


A cover made of this material is particularly recommended to people suffering from allergies, due to its exceptional properties. Amicor has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The Amicor fibres block the life cycle of allergens. The cover can be laundered at a temperature below 60oC. This material is nice and delicate to touch, but strong and resistant at the same time. It keeps its shape even after being repeatedly laundered.


A luxury material of premium quality. It is very soft and nice for the body, and also quite flexible. The cover made of this material is recommended to people who feel cold at night because the material has the heat keeping function.


Unique knitted fabric made as a combination of elastane, polyamide, polyester and lyocell. This knitted fabric has a very luxurious look. It is nice and delicate to touch.


Knitted fabric made as a combination of cotton and polyester. This material is also very soft and delicate. Thanks to the use of polyester, the material is durable. It does not pill and does not change its shape even after being laundered.


A high quality terry-type knitted fabric. It is very nice to touch and delicate in contact with skin. The material fits to the mattress very well because it is characterised by high flexibility. The material removes moisture very well. The cover made of this material can be laundered in a washing machine.


This knitted fabric is an expression of a new period in the textile industry and thereby a new dimension of comfort. It is a very modern material which removes moisture quickly. It is therefore particularly recommended to people who suffer from allergies and to people with sensitive skin. The material is also able to regulate temperature.


This knitted fabric is also an inventive solution. It is a combination of lyocell, viscose, cotton and polyester. This knitted fabric also contains fibres of silver which have anti-bacterial and antistatic properties. This material is also able to regulate temperature. Thanks to these properties, the material provides exceptionally optimal sleeping comfort, and thereby it is perfectly suitable for people who suffer from allergies.

Aloe vera

A material of very high quality. Exceptionally soft and delicate. The cover helps take care of the skin thanks to the addition of an aloe extract. The material also has anti-bacterial properties and provides optimal removal of moisture. It is a proposal for people with sensitive skin or who want to take care of it in a special way

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